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Welcome to SpeedCubeShop! Often abbreviated to SCS, SpeedCubeShop is an online cube store founded by CEO Cameron Brown in 2008. SpeedCubeShop sells a wide variety of WCA and non-WCA puzzles as well as lubricants, accessories, and merchandise. Whether you are a first-time visitor or long-standing customer, we hope you will be thrilled with every aspect of your SpeedCubeShop shopping experience—the premium quality, the superior service before-and after-sale, the iron-clad 100% satisfaction guarantee and the most competitive prices with our Speed Cube Shop Discount Codes! To be the best-run business in America, and the most successful, most respected business in our industry, for the benefit of our customers, everyone at Speed Cubes is on a mission to offer an unrivaled customer experience with high-grade products that are built for everything and priced for everyone.


Years has seen the growth of SpeedCubeShop! Ever since our start in 2008, our experienced team here at SpeedCubeShop has always strived to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. It’s this passion for providing the best and most trustworthy cubes and puzzles that has helped make us the leading name in the industry across the country. Fourteen-year-old speedcuber, Cameron Brown, was tired of dealing with unreliable service from overseas puzzle retailers. Cameron’s dream was to start the first USA-based cubing store and provide the speedcubing and puzzle communities with reliable service, fast shipping and competitive prices. After losing money on an order that never arrived, Cameron knew it was time for a change. In 2009, SpeedCubeShop, known also as “SCS” was born in Bakersfield, California and has continued to grow year after year, earning the trust of cubers and puzzlers around the world.

Meet the Owner

A dream company that was started by a dreamer! Cameron Brown, the founder and CEO, began speedcubing in elementary school after becoming inspired by the Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. In April of 2008, Cameron began competing in World Cube Association competitions and made a name for himself through his YouTube videos and cubing career under the name “camcuber”. Present day, Cameron is 25 years old and still loves speedcubing more than ever. Cameron also has other hobbies that include racing his BMW M3 at the track, working out, and going to social events. Cameron’s main passion is running SpeedCubeShop which has been a full time job for him since 2015.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly and helpful customer service, our dedicated manufacturing and customer service team, and the quality of our products. Every day we look forward to helping cubers reach their goals by providing them with expertise, reliable support and the best products available. Our Speedcubeshop Promo Codes are to ensure that these amazing products are available at prices that won’t break your budget.

Cosmic cube warranty

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and return & refund policy are to give your delightful and worry-free shopping experience! Cosmic cubes are hand crafted by Cosmic Experts, trained to produce the most perfected, longest lasting puzzles possible. Our Speed cube shop Discount Codes are to ensure that you get this awesome products at a reasonable price! In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your Cosmic cube, a 6-month warranty is included with all Cosmic cubes. Your warranty goes into effect the date your Cosmic cube is delivered and covers all work completed by our Experts.

Submit a claim

You may submit a warranty claim through our returns page. One warranty claim is allowed per Cosmic cube.


In the unlikely event that your Cosmic cube arrives with sticker imperfections, a claim must be submitted within 7 days of delivery to avoid being considered a “wear and tear” item.

Any modifications to your Cosmic cube not completed by one of our Experts may result in your warranty being voided. Modifications include but are not limited to: adding or removing lubricant, adjusting pre-set tensions and the removal of pre-installed magnets.

SpeedCubeShop reserves the right to refuse any returns that do not have an RMA #.


We want to get our awesome products delivered to you as fast as possible! (We are as excited as you are)! The time that it will take for you to receive your order depends on your location and what shipping service you choose. Does your order contain a custom item, service or pre-order? Don’t forget to check the production time or estimated ship date reflected on your order confirmation!

Please note that all shipping times listed are approximations and are not guaranteed unless you are using an Express shipping service. Check out the section of Speed Cub cube store

You may also get a great surprise there!

Calculating the shipping cost of your order

The shipping cost will depend on the weight of your order and also the shipping service that you choose. To view available shipping rates and costs, you can add all of your desired products to your shopping cart and then click on the “view cart” button to use our shipping calculator tool.

Claim the Speedcubeshop Coupon Codes before you jump to your payment and get these desired products shipped to you in no time at a lower price!

Avoid impersonating stores and potential scams

Impersonators? Copycat? Fraud? When the products we are manufacturing and providing are acceptable and well-loved by a large base of customers, there are always impersonators trying to steal the fruits of hard working and trying to fool our customers into buying the inferior-quality products! Always make sure that you are shopping at or using our mobile app, SpeedCubeShop Mobile found on the Google Play and Apple App stores. Stores that accept PayPal payments under the email address have been linked to several impersonating stores. As a way of saying thank you for you trust and support to our genuine products, we are now offering Speed Cube Shop Discount Codes to your orders! Check it out before you jump to your payment and enjoy the great discounts!

The problem

Unfortunately we have been made aware of stores that impersonate us in an attempt to cause confusion among the cubing community and trick people into shopping with them thinking that they are purchasing from the genuine SpeedCubeShop. Complaints from customers who have mistakenly shopped with these impersonation stores reveal that packages will never arrive or arrive with incorrect (usually less expensive) products in most cases.

Some of these impersonating stores go as far as to post products for sale that are still in development and not released by the manufacturer. Also, it would cost you even more for missing the great discounts brought by Speed cube shop Discount Codes!

Why target us?

Names are debts! The team at SpeedCubeShop has worked very hard over the past decade to continue to build SpeedCubeShop into the trusted, recognizable brand that it is today. Because our name is highly desirable, we often find that these impersonators will use variations of our name such as but not limited to:,, (Insert country prefix), (Insert country prefix), and the list goes on.

We actively seek legal recourse against these impersonators who blatantly use our trademarked name but this process can sometimes take some time and does not happen overnight.

A repeat offender,, has operated under several different domains such as,,, and has been known to operate under different website names entirely for stores based out of China.

An easy way to identify stores affiliated to is to check if your PayPal payment is being made to And also, our Speed cube store Discount Codes available at our official website are another way to identify the genuineness!

The store owner claims that they are a UK based store, advertise pricing in GBP, and unlawfully us a “” domain extension when in reality they operate out of China. This is revealed by the return address on packages and their posted business address found on their contact us page.

This store claims to be authorized by major cubing manufacturers but when asked about, these manufacturers say that they have not granted such authorization to this store. We have worked closely with and regularly visit these manufacturers and ran by Cameron Brown is the only authorized “SpeedCubeShop”.

It is not uncommon for to advertise and sell products that are still in development that are not released or even manufactured.

The return policy for this store is a copy/paste from an apparel website and advises customers that “All returned items much be unworn, unwashed, and returned in their original condition. The original tag must still be attached.” Last time we checked, you couldn’t wear twisty puzzles and this store does not sell apparel.

The solution

Your shopping experience is of the highest importance to us as is our reputation that we have worked so hard to earn. If you ever have any concerns when purchasing twisty puzzles or speedcubes online, feel free to contact our helpful support to verify that you are shopping with us. And don’t forget to claim, copy and enter our Speedcubeshop Coupon Codes at the checkout!

As of April, 2020 we only operate out of the United States using the domain and our mobile app, SpeedCubeShop Mobile.

Gift cards or Speedcubeshop Discount Codes

Our diligent customer service members have personally picked out and updated a bunch of Speedcubeshop Promo Codes and gift cards. So that our dearest customers could have an amazing shopping experience with us! Combining gift cards – If you are looking to use multiple gift cards when placing an order, you may apply them during checkout in the “Gift card or discount code” field. And check out the list of Speed Cube Shop Discount Codes and select the most suitable discount code for your orders before you jump to the payment!

Have any problem with our gift cards or Speedcubeshop Discount Codes? Please contact us!

Thank you for checking out SpeedCubeShop! May you have an extraordinary shopping experience!