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Welcome to The Florida Aquarium! Beginning as the Clearwater Marine Science Center (CMSC), a private non-profit educational organization located on Clearwater Beach, Florida, 1977, The Florida Aquarium has successfully ascended to be one of the best aquariums in the world. We owe our achievement to our dedicated team and our loyal customers! Without your loves and supports, we could never have become what we are and where we are today! As a sincere thank you, we are now offering Florida Aquarium Coupons June 2020 for your ticket purchase! Check it out now and enjoy your trip to The Florida Aquarium! As a not-for-profit organization, a publicly-operated institution located in Tampa, Florida, United States, The Florida Aquarium is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and win over millions of visitors yearly with our mission being to entertain, educate and inspire stewardship of the natural environment. We are a leader in conservation and education, supporting programs for wildlife and having a strong educational component in the forms of summer camps, school trips, etc. We are the best aquarium in Florida.  Our facility is home to more than 7,000 aquatic plants and animals from Florida and all over the world.

History and development of The Florida Aquarium

Since the first day of operation, the development of The Florida Aquarium has been a history of responsibility and mission fulfillment and goal accomplishment! Our Florida Aquarium Coupons have been here to add more joy and fun to your meaningful trips to our aquarium!

In 1985, consultants from New England, National and Monterey Bay Aquariums advised the CMSC Board on expansion potential. The consulting team emphasized the need for a world-class facility if the project was to compete successfully as a nationally recognized educational facility in the Florida marketplace and become financially viable.

The Florida Aquarium, Inc. was incorporated on December 12, 1986, as a separate not-for-profit organization. The newly organized Florida Aquarium Board of Directors formally committed to building a public aquarium comparable to the finest in the nation and contracted Joseph A. Wetzel Associates of Boston to provide a conceptual design of exhibits for a new facility. Briefings with local and state officials were conducted and broad-based support for the project was garnered from the local Clearwater Chamber of Commerce Governor, Bob Graham.

Garrison Seaport Center emerged as major redevelopment of Downtown Tampa’s Waterfront.  On August 15, 1992, The Tampa City Council voted to accept the financing package and site work began within the next few months. During the next three years of construction, educational outreach programs were held throughout the community to create awareness for the project.

In December 2010, The Florida Aquarium educated its one-millionth child!

In April of 2011, the Aquarium added large sand tiger sharks to the signature habitat, Coral Reef, and moved “Dive with the Sharks” to the main tank with these spectacular new sharks.

July 2011, The Florida Aquarium announced its Largest Single Gift, $2.5-Million from The Mosaic Company, to launch $15-Million Rising Tides Capital Campaign.

September 2012, The Florida Aquarium, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Tampa Electric Create a landmark partnership and announced plans for a brand new Florida conservation and technology park.

October 2012, the Rising Tides Capital Campaign held their official groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase of the campaign.

January 2013, The Florida Aquarium, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Tampa Electric Create held an official groundbreaking ceremony for their new project.

February 24, 2014, The Florida Aquarium started construction on the Carol and Barney Barnett Learning Center kicking off phase II of their Rising Tides Capital Campaign.

November 5, 2014, The Florida Aquarium launches the Shark Swim allowing guests to immerse themselves in the Coral Reef Gallery.

January 20, 2015, The Florida Aquarium, Florida Department of State and the South Eastern Archeological Preserve held a unique dedication ceremony for the USS Narcissus Civil War Ship honoring it as 12th State Underwater Archeological Preserve.

May 2017, the Aquarium opened the Mosaic Center, funded by The Mosaic company.

June 2017, the Aquarium opened its newly renovated Splash Pad!

October 2018, the Aquarium opened the 100,000-gallon Heart of the Sea, its second largest exhibit that features the Aquarium’s three conservation priorities which include sea turtles, sharks and coral.

January 2019, The Florida Aquarium opened the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center in Apollo Beach, strengthening its commitment and abilities to save endangered species in Florida and across the country.

June 8, 2019, the Aquarium premiered Moon Bay, a fourth of its kind in the U.S., moon jelly touch experience located in the first floor lobby.

August 2019, the Aquarium became the first organization in history to induce spawning of an Atlantic Species of Coral.

February 2020, the Aquarium brings Washed Ashore – Art to Save the Sea to its guests.

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Mission and Vision of The Florida Aquarium

More than a must-see attraction, we are working to protect and restore our blue planet on many conservation fronts, including research and rescue efforts that help restore Florida’s sea turtle and coral populations and to ensure that sharks continue to swim our seas. We are dedicating to spreading the knowledge of mysterious sea creatures and the concepts of environmental and ecosystem protections, we are actively engaged in restoring that biodiversity through our work in the field. To protect, restore our blue planet and achieve the harmony between human races and animals, human and nature is the mission and vision of The Florida Aquarium. We welcome you to join our cause by offering you a bunch of Florida Aquarium Promo Code! Seize the chance before it slips away!

Animal Habitats

The Florida Aquarium experience is designed with Florida Aquarium Coupons to take you on a journey, starting with a drop of water from one of Florida’s many freshwater springs, all the way out to the open waters of the Florida Keys. Sights include a large simulated wetlands environment located under a tall glass atrium, shallow bays and beaches, and a coral reef ecosystem encompassed in half a million gallons of natural seawater.

Exhibits of Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium’s exhibits are laid out to show the journey of a drop of water from one of Florida’s many fresh-water springs out to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Exhibits include a large simulated wetlands exhibit located under a tall glass atrium, a simulated beach, and a coral reef community housed in a 500,000-US-gallon (1,900,000 l) tank. The newest section is Waves of Wonder and Heart of the Seas gallery, which replaced the Ocean Commotion section. Come and check out for yourself with the latest Florida Aquarium Coupon code!

Coral Reef Research of Florida Aquarium

The world has lost 25% of its coral over the past 30 years. Over 250 years, the state of Florida has seen 50% of its coral disappear, due to pollution, human contact, bleachings, and now an idiopathic disease that is killing the U.S.’s only inshore reef tract.

To fight this loss, and attempt to save the coral – of extreme importance to the well-being of the state – the Florida Aquarium has joined a consortium led by the University of Miami, including NOVA Southeastern University, coral conservation organization SECORE International, and the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum. The goal is to restore 125 acres of coral reef by planting 150,000 coral colonies, including five species of coral, by 2022. Claim your exclusive Florida Aquarium Promo Code today and join our course to save the coral!


The mission statement of the Florida Aquarium is to “entertain, educate and inspire stewardship of the natural environment.” One way they accomplish this is through their educational programming. Several times a year adults can attend Evening Tide Talks, which are lectures given by renowned scientists, photographers, explorers, and researchers. Complimentary food, beer, and wine are provided for attendees.

Teachers and Schools

Our Aquarium offers field trips, traveling programs, and teacher workshops. Teachers are able to attend the aquarium for free in order to prepare for a field trip while students’ attendance is to enjoy a great discount with our Florida Aquarium Coupons! The Aquarium also provides teaching materials that are designed to meet specific Sunshine State Standards/ FCAT Benchmarks. These materials were developed for grades Pre-K through 8 and consist of pre and post lessons, scavenger hunts, and lab programs.

Youth and Families

Kids and families can enjoy birthday parties, sleepovers, Scout programs, homeschool programs, and Aquatots at a fair price with our Florida Aquarium Coupons 2020. Aquatots is a program built for children 3–5 years old that they attend with a parent or guardian. It is “designed to encourage interaction with parent and child through story time, craft making, activity center play and touring the aquarium”.


The Aquarium offers both School Year Camps and Summer Camps. School Year Camps coincide with holidays that take place in Hillsborough County during the school year. Children grades K-5 can enjoy activities such as science experiments, aquarium hikes, crafts, and animal encounters. Summer Camps, referred to as Aqua Camps, are available for people ages 3–18. They are centered around animals and their natural environments and include plenty of animal encounters and hands-on learning. Grab the Florida Aquarium Discount Code to join our camp today! A fun and educational experience are awaiting!

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