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Welcome to Bluestone Perennials! As a family owned and operated business founded in 1972 by Richard Boonstra, Bluestone Perennials has been dedicated to providing premium quality products and superior services at the most competitive prices with Bluestone Perennials Coupon. Located close to Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio, Bluestone grows and ships their own plants nationwide from 5 acres of greenhouses and has earned a large customer base over years’ dedication to the nursery business!

Historical Background

Years have seen Bluestone Perennials grow from small family business into today’s big company with online services and several locations across the country to better serve our customers!

Bluestone Perennials was started in two small rented glass houses in Mentor, Ohio in 1972. Richard Boonstra had a vision that the new plastic cell-packs and soil-less potting mediums were a natural fit with mailorder marketing and sales. He and his wife, Patti, and their two teen-aged children set their feet on a path that would become their life’s work. They shipped 400 orders that first year from a card table sized office set up in the potting area. Three years and larger rented facilities later, sales were good enough for Rich to devote himself full time to Bluestone.

In 1975, the Boonstras purchased a vegetable farm on 47 acres in Madison, Ohio. The big farmhouse was in sad repair, but the land was good. They set about fixing up the house, and for the first 15 years, the office occupied half of the house. That first year Bluestone sold vegetables, mums, pumpkins, and perennials. Every year saw growth and more greenhouses.

The Second (and Third) Generation

As Bluestone continued to evolve, the second generation of the Boonstra family joined the business. Bill returned to the business first in 1983, bringing his young family and wife, Sarah, back to Madison. Daughter Jan later returned from Michigan with her husband, Al Pavlinak, and their son. By 1994, Bill had taken over the family business with continued help and support from family members Sarah, Jan and Al. Rich eventually retired to pursue his many hobbies while remaining close by.

The third generation of the Boonstra family has also come to join the company’s ranks. Bill and Sarah’s son Rick lends his engineering and programming expertise to numerous projects while daughter Jess acts as the company’s graphic designer.

As a sincere thank you for being a loyal customer to us, Bluestone Perennials has pushed a bunch of Bluestone Perennials Coupons to give the tangible benefits at prices directly to you!

Bluestone Today

Created by life lovers and for life lovers, Bluestone Perennials has been working hard to be the leader in providing value, uniquely combining discount prices with premium service since the first day of operation!

Thanks to Bluestone’s many loyal employees – many of whom have been with the company since the early days – Bluestone has grown to be one of the largest mail order nurseries in the country. The company does their own growing, packing and shipping, and employs a staff of over 100 during their busy spring season in their 5 acres of greenhouses. The company is an industry leader in green practices – using 100% plantable biodegradable pots and all recyclable packaging – no plastics at all.

The Boonstra family and staff are very grateful for the long term support of their customers, business associates, and professional organizations. We look forward to beautifying your world for many years to come. We want you to have an extraordinary shopping experience here at Bluestone Perennials with our Bluestone Perennials Coupon July 2020.

About Our Pots

Our relentless focus on nursery quality and Innovation propelled the company into its bloom of today! We’re excited! Our plants are grown in 3.5″ square x 4″ deep 100% biodegradable plantable pots (perennials for pots). Made from coconut husk fibers (coir), these pots have tremendous advantages over plastic pots: You plant the pot directly into the ground causing little to no transplant shock. With better air exchange, this “breathable” pot fosters robust root growth. Made from a renewable resource requiring very little energy. 100% biodegradable ‐ naturally becomes part of the soil on its own over time. No composting required. The exceptional permeability to water, air and plant roots allows our plants to quickly grow a robust root system. In traditional plastic pots, plants will tend to become root-bound with a tightly interwoven root mass at the bottom of the container. When grown in our plantable fiber pot, the same plant grows healthy roots throughout the entire pot. The roots spread out in all directions and air prune as they exit the pot. Just snip off the Bluestone band and plant the pot – they are ready to grow!

Our Packaging

Our packaging system has completely eliminated the use of styrofoam peanuts and plastics in our shipping. Our pots are individually protected with custom cardboard sleeves that not only keep the plants themselves from being damaged, but also help keep the soil firmly in place. It’s all either bio-degradable or recyclable.

Are you ready for the amazing plants shipped to your door safely and hassle-freely? Get your exclusive Bluestone Perennials Promo Code and place your order now!

Customer Service

Bluestone Perennials is comprised of a group of plant professionals and considerate customer service staff! We take great pride in being an easy company to deal with. We handle all aspects of our business under one roof – from growing and shipping all our own plants, to answering the phones, to writing our catalog. We can quickly resolve any question /issues you might have. Our great staff and 100% guarantee assure you a pleasant experience.


Phone: 1-800-852-5243

Fax: 1-440-428-7198

For your convenience, we’ve created some links on our main website that might answer some common questions you might have. Still need help? We’re standing by on the phones to assist you. If contacting us by email, please give us a day or two to get back to you. We make every effort to answer our emails promptly, but during busy times our email volume can be excessive. Please take our handpicked Bluestone Perennials Coupon as our way of saying thank you for your understanding and support!

100% Guarantee

While our Bluestone Perennials Coupon is to give you a delightful shopping experience, we are pretty sure that our 100% satisfaction guarantee and return & refund policy is to give you a  delightful and worry-free after-sale service. We offer a 100% unconditional guarantee for all our plants. If you are not satisfied, we’ll reship or refund immediately. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns – we share your passion for gardening and want our perennials to thrive in your border.


At Bluestone, we care deeply about our customers and growing the highest quality perennials. We love nothing more than hearing from happy gardeners!

“The most beautiful, healthy plants (perennials for sale) I have ever received in the mail from anyone, which is planted in flower bulbs now! And the price is awesome especially after I apply the Bluestone Perennials Promo Code. An extraordinary experience!” –J.R. via email

“Received my order (purple perennials) yesterday in absolutely wonderful condition. What a joy the new pots are to plant, so easy. Good job, well done!!  –M.K. via email

“I had to write you and thank you for a wonderful experience. From great customer service and outstanding plants received to the lowest price after using Bluestone Perennials Discount Code, there has not been a hitch to your nursery. In this day and age, when customer service is often forgotten, and plants (my favorite tall perennials and blue perennials) are shipped that ‘maybe’ arrive alive, but certainly not thriving, your nursery stands out as a true example to the rest.”–R.G. via email

“Bluestone Perennials is by far the best mail-order nursery I have ever worked with. I love their Bluestone Perennials Coupon. I have bought the flowers at a mind-blowing price! The plants are just GORGEOUS within bulb planter when they arrive and they grow into huge specimens the first year. I’ve never seen anything like it. ”–K.S., Grand Rapids, MI

“I’ve bought plants from you for years and on the very rare occasion there’s been a problem you’ve rectified the situation promptly. I’ve also passed your name on to friends who’ve been delighted. Recently I mentioned your name to a young English friend who’s a relatively new gardener and received the reply ‘Oh Bluestone, they’re quite the best mail-order company around.’ I just thought you might enjoy hearing that.” –M.J., Wilton, CT

“Received the plants yesterday – SUPERB condition, better than any other mail-order nursery. The new coconut pots are fantastic, too. Their Bluestone Perennials Discount Code gave me a great discount! BRAVO AND THUMBS UP, THANKS!” –E.P. via email

“The coir containers make it SO easy to transplant. I have nothing but positive things to say; will order again in a heartbeat. A++ and l love the bluestone perennials coupon. It saves me huge!”–Posted on Dave’s Garden Watchdog

“I have order evergreen perennials! I absolutely love this company’s commitment toward choosing materials with a better environmental impact. All packing materials are recyclable and there is no messy plastic pot to deal with. Besides, their Bluestone Perennials Coupon also gave a great discount! Win-win! All in all, this was a GREAT experience and I would not hesitate to order from Bluestone again.” –I.S., Chicago, IL

Thank you for your love! Thank you for shopping with Bluestone Perennials!